See what people are saying about PAPA.


See what people are saying about PAPA. 

“Gary and the team at PAPA and Legend Music were of the first to recognise and help develope Kira’s singing talent and record her. Their  mentoring, support and encouragement laid the foundation for Kira to record her first major single in LA. Should she become a hit singer, much of the credit will go to Gary’s foresight and passion for developing young performers.”


Brian Peace

“From my two years at PAPA, one of which I was on guitar scholarship, I learnt the importance of passion and drive for music which comes from within. Almost just like anything and everything else in life, you have to believe and continue building on all the guidance kindly offered by the musical professionals. I had the chance to learn through experience the importance and dynamics of live performances. I also had the privilege of stepping into a studio and recording for the first time! I felt like a creator ! PAPA has been a major step in my musical journey, a place and space where I met many different and greatly talented people. I’ll forever be grateful to all the teachers for their belief in me and in music and their unending enthusiasm.”

Katuta Sichilongo

We are fortunate to have a group of such highly talented musical professionals who are willing to dedicate their time and energy towards educating our children in such a convenient manner. My child has been with PAPA for a few years now, and the quality of teaching, the level of gentle encouragement, and the dedication of these wonderful teachers is unparalleled on the island.

Richard Russell

"My daughter and I love this music school and can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with the Phuket Academy of Music school over these past many years!   To find an environment in which you can instantly see the professionalism and passion for music that the teachers share with their students is priceless!  The teachers at PAPA are all professionals in their own fields and create a happy, fun, positive learning environment combined with patience and encouragement.  Honestly, the opportunities offered to the students of PAPA are simply incredible, world class and completely life changing!  My daughter has blossomed beyond ALL expectations in her musical, ensemble and performance skills under the guidance of her teachers at PAPA studying and sitting ABRSM and Rock School exams in both Violin and Piano.  I have no words strong enough to ever thank them for all they have done for her these past years!"

Danni Alderson

“Getting my boys (Lex 13 and Jax 12) into music has always been a big goal for me as a parent. Music was a significant part of my life growing up, culminating in becoming a professional musician with the Australian Army Band Melbourne back in the day. However, I wanted my boys to learn differently from me. Less traditional and more fun, cool and more spontaneous. We tried in Singapore but it never worked out. It was too mechanical and testing was a big priority around learning. I knew this would never be an enjoyable way to learn music because a lot of my childhood was in this style, and it’s harder to stick with it for the long term if it’s a grind versus a passion. So when we moved to Phuket in 2017, we signed the boys up straight away with Phuket Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA) for music lessons, and more recently, a week-long camp, where they had individual lessons and the opportunity to work in a studio to compose and produce their own song. The result is outstanding and the boys are so delighted – they’re really proud of themselves! I can see the passion finally unlocked. They get music and want to be part of the scene now, and they know it takes work and commitment to get there. That makes me a happy momma indeed!!

“The teachers at PAPA have stirred a real passion in the boys. They absolutely adore their lessons, and a lot of that is because the teachers are not only world-class teachers and musicians, but they’re cool people too. For young teenage/preteen kids, coolness is absolutely critical! They need to be inspired by the people teaching them in all the ways that matter to them. I can not express my gratitude to PAPA enough for what they have achieved with the boys. They not only have a passion for inspiring the next generation to love music, but they are so awesome with the boys. Beautiful bonds of friendship and respect have been created, and from this place, true passion can grow. Thank you to the team at PAPA. You guys rock!!”

Andrea Edwards

“Thank you for everything you have done for my kids. They are loving their lessons with your team. You guys rock!”

Jana Beydoun

“Charlie sang at his graduation dinner last night. It was superb to see how much he has progressed under Pete's tuition. Please pass this on to Pete and tell him he is a brilliant teacher who has completely changed the way Charlie sings and improved his voice so much.”

Chris Greene

“I have been interested in music and music production for a while and was looking at taking it as a high subject. As it was not provided directly by the school, PAPA stepped in and organize an ad hoc program for me during my last 2 years of High school. PAPA did everything they can to provide me with the right environment to learn comprehensively some of the key aspects of music. After the two years of hard work, I graduated from RSL’s Music Production Program with honours and I am intending to pursue a career in music production after finishing my national service. I would highly recommend PAPA to anyone interested in music and art.”

Louis Stauffer

“Thank you so much to Debbie and the entire PAPA team for creating a welcoming and fun environment for all of my lessons, that have greatly improved my piano and vocal skills throughout my first year with them. Thank you, PAPA, for amazing times together and looking forward to my next year music journey.”

Ruby Redl

“Colin ( illy) Hill was my advanced guitar teacher from the late 1980s until the mid-1990s, his lessons were invaluable to me as he took me from a mediocre guitar player to a competent player. Colin also gave my band at the time a lot of help with the production of our first demo and helped us with our live performances by taking my young band on the road with his successful original band The Dogs Next Door in 1989/1990. I owe a lot of thanks to illy as I am still playing today age 50 and still using a lot of the techniques and performance skills I was taught by Colin, I look upon him as a role model and a friend. “

Craig Soppa Gold - Coast Australia

“Colin Hill was the best guitar teacher on the Gold Coast for years. We were also able to see him performing 4 nights a week with various bands. He taught me and several friends. I have been taught by a few very good guitarists but teaching it is where Colin excelled.”

Joel Barnes.

“My kids have been doing lessons with PAPA for many years and they love them so much they keep adding instruments and lessons.  I remember when I was young and most of us would take up an instrument for a year or two, get bored and ditch it.  So inspiring to see my kids loving their music lessons so much they want to do more and more. Thank you, PAPA. “

Rebecca Kynaston

“I have gone to Colin for lessons and industry advice for 10+ years, and continue to do so now. Because he's had so much experience touring internationally, he never gives any 'textbook' advice, it's all from his real-world experience. As a teacher, he is kind, patient. I always learned new techniques in every lesson and felt comfortable to make mistakes. Colin creates a positive teaching atmosphere which is professional and friendly.”

Holly Terrens

“Our son Nicolas is taking lessons ( Vocals, Piano and Guitar ) with PAPA since 6 years now and he loves every minute of it and he is very proud of his achievements, which is thanks to the great team of PAPA led by Debbie. We highly recommend PAPA for anyone looking for music lessons in Phuket. “

Christoph and Sirivibha Berger

"We have been trying to get our kids (two boys - born 2006 and 2008) into music for so many years with so many different companies that to be quite honest, I had given up all hope. Enter PAPA (Phuket Academy of Performing Arts ) - and with both boys, after their very first seperate sessions, both our boys came from the room with the biggest smiles on their faces and couldn't wait for the same time next week. That spoke volumes to us - not just about the teachers as people, but their attitude and values that clearly underpin and run through PAPA at the very core. They understand every child is different and will have various levels of talent and ability - but regardless of this - for 100% of the time the teachers are with them, the child is made to feel the very centre of the music universe and encouraged with such genuine enthusiasm and positivity it's great to watch.

A pillar of Phuket society and staunch supporters of the community here in Phuket, PAPA and their amazing team of teachers are truly special people doing truly special work to make music so enjoyable and achievable for so many kids. As such - we cannot recommend them enough!"

Steve Johnson