for Students Enrolled at the Phuket Academy of Performing Arts


  • All lessons are held as shown on the academy’s annual calendar.
  • Please be punctual for your lessons. Lessons are held back-to-back, and we will not be able to extend your time slot.
  • In the event that your regular teacher is unable to attend a lesson, the academy will either provide a substitute teacher or re-schedule the lesson.
  • One month’s notice must be given prior to termination of lessons. 
  • Phuket Academy of Performing Arts lessons cover theory and performance, and as such, from time to time live performance opportunities for students will constitute a lesson. These will be guided and supported by the student’s teacher. These performances may be longer or shorter than scheduled class lessons


  • You will be invoiced each semester for a full semester’s lessons. Fees must be paid in full before the first lesson of each semester. 
  • New students who begin more than two weeks after a semester has started will be invoiced only for the remaining lessons in that semester.  
  • Every student is required to pay an annual enrollment fee which will cover all music books (academy approved at their level).    
  • If payment is not received after your first lesson in the semester, the academy reserves the right to cancel your enrolment.
  • The academy does not give any refunds or crediting of fees except on the rare occasion where a lesson has to be cancelled due to the unavailability of a teacher. 
  • No refunds are granted on discounted (Semester) fees.

TEACHER LED PRACTICE CLASS for Missed Private Music Lessons  

If YOU miss your private music lesson – what happens?

The academy is under no obligation to offer additional lessons to students that miss their scheduled lessons. 

However, as a courtesy, because we care about our student’s development, we offer free 30 min practice classes for our students that miss their lesson for the following reasons:-

  1. School Field Trips
  2. Illness

The complimentary service is offered, 

  • Maximum of 4 practice lessons per student per music/academic year.
  • 1 x 30min practice lesson per lesson missed, regardless of the length of the lesson that the student has missed.
  • We accept a maximum of 1 student per Teacher-Led Practice Lesson, so booking is essential. 


FRIDAYS  (3 classes max 1 students per class) – UWC Thalang
SATURDAYS  (1 class max 1 student per class) – PAPA H.O Koh Kaew

If the TEACHER misses a private music lesson – what happens?

Students will be given a private make-up lesson, as per the studio and teachers availability. If the student is not available at any of the times offered, or if the student fails to attend the re-scheduled private lesson, they are welcome to participate in the weekly teacher-led practice class at any time throughout the year.

If the TEACHER misses a group music lesson – what happens?

The studio strives to have your instructor present at every scheduled lesson for the duration of the school term. However, we reserve the right to use an alternative instructor if necessary, without notice. In this way, we can help to ensure the student’s regular progress.

If YOU miss your scheduled recording session – what happens?

Should you miss your recording session, you will, unfortunately, forfeit your recording, as no make-up’s are offered for a scheduled recording session.