RSL Rockschool

We teach RSL’s internationally recognised graded contemporary music syllabus.

We chose the RSL Rockschool syllabus because it enables students to learn music that is relevant to them and their environment.

The RSL curriculum covers multiple genres such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, Reggae, and Musical Theathre. The graded books cover a vast array of songs from modern artists like Stormzy, Imagine Dragons, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adelle, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and Bruno Marz tight through the decades to such artists as Katey Perry, One Republic, U2, Queen, Led Zepplin, Tina Turner, the Police and Michael Jackson.

All of our students also get to choose songs that they want to learn how to play and sing.

RSL Grades start from Debut right through to Grade 8. What’s even better news is that Grades 6 to 8 also count as UCAS points for university applications!

Through PAPA and RSL Rockschool you can qualify in any of the following contemporary disciplines: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Piano, Keys, Drums, Ukulele and Music Production.

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To book an exam email [email protected] or call +66 84 304 2587. 

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